Yorkshire Sun Society is very much a family orientated club

We are very much a family orientated club and most of our membership are couples, but we do also have single members, both male and female. The club has various rules and procedures in place to try and ensure a fairly equal gender balance; this may mean that from time to time there is a waiting list of would be members for either single men or single women.


Under the club’s constitution persons under the age of 18 are regarded as children. They are very welcome to come along with their parents or legal guardians who are members, at any time and for free, but there are no child memberships.


The land and club are owned, maintained and run by the members for the benefit of the members. This means the club has no rents or wages to pay and the club could never be shut down by a landlord wanting to sell or use the grounds for another purpose. Sadly a number of naturist clubs have closed because they didn’t own their grounds; that can never happen here at YSS.


Subject to our constitution, new members are always welcome. Like most clubs we have a system of trial membership so you can make sure you like us and that the club can fulfil your naturist ambitions. Likewise, we can make sure your naturism is genuine and you share our ethos of getting involved with club life.


The first step for all prospective members is to come along and visit us. You can find a whole lot more about membership, how we run ourselves, what makes us tick, etc, by coming along, reading the various notices in the club house and talking to us. If you find you have questions - ask them! We are a friendly bunch and we will all be happy to help, and if one of us doesn’t know an answer they will soon find someone who does!


Membership applications are dealt with by our committee which meets once a month - which means we don't automatically hand out application forms the moment someone walks through the gate. To arrange a visit please see our visitors page for more information.


You can meet four of our members and read more about the club by seeing what the Hull Daily Mail had to say in April 2018

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